SHOWROOMS may be your solution!

SHOWROOMS are very much like company STORES, wherein your people/employees/students can shop online for the custom items you chose (with custom logos). They can add items to their cart and pay with a credit card. The only difference is that we don't ship their items individually (like we could in a STORE). They are produced in our shop and then they are picked up or delivered in a group. (However, we can still get individual orders separated by customer and placed in individual bags.)


Here are just a few of the SHOWROOMS we did this year:

  • Utah County Jail Employee Uniforms
  • 801 Tribe Youth Lacrosse Team Swag for players, parents and friends
  • Spectrum Academy T-shirts and Hoodies for students, parents and siblings


Organizations really like this option so no one has to keep track of the orders nor collect their money. We do all that for them!