About Us

Our History

Reid Robinson has passed the torch of his beloved business Sig•Pro to Greg & Karina Saunders and Marty & Gina Wescott.

Reid and Sue Robinson started Signature Promotions 33 years ago in their garage. Together, with lots of hard work and 5 different locations, they built Sig•Pro into a successful business. They helped hundreds of clients with thousands of logos promote their own businesses.

Both he and his late wife, Sue, took advantage of the many opportunities to become friends with their clients. They operated under the mantra, “People are more important than profits” and believed that the real measure of their success in business and life are the friends they have made along the way. Such a great message!

Current Owners:

Greg and Marty first met in 1987 playing lacrosse for BYU. Greg is from Canada and has 4 children and 4 grandchildren. He has coached football, lacrosse, baseball, soccer and volleyball for over 40 years. He and his wife, Karina, are excited to put their best efforts to make SigPro succeed even more. Marty is from Colorado and also has 4 kids (no grandkids). He has coached lacrosse for UVU, BYU, U of U, Bountiful High, Olympus High, and numerous youth Club Teams. They each have led interesting and varied lives and now, over 30 years later, find themselves business partners.

Greg, Marty and their families are excited for this new chapter in life and hope to carry on Reid & Sue's legacy. They are ready to take on new adventures and opportunities in the promotional industry and take SigPro to the next level.

“Thank you, Reid, for allowing us to continue your legacy of customer service and providing quality products to so many people. We hope to live up to your standard of success and to make you proud.”

Meet The Team

Marty Wescott – earned a degree from BYU in Business Management, which has suited him well over the years. After graduating, he gained a variety of experience in business as a controller, public speaker, consultant and the head of Utah’s youth lacrosse league. Since college, he maintained the title of “Coach” as he has trained many young men in youth, high school, and three different university lacrosse teams. His players and parents love his coaching style and have praised his ability to develop not only lacrosse skills in young men, but to be an example of integrity, tenacity, dedication, and trustworthiness. These are qualities that overlap into lifelong circumstances, whether at play or work. SigPro is the perfect business to apply all that he has learned throughout his career.

Gina Wescott – has always been an entrepreneur at heart. She started several successful businesses over the last 30 years, including a furniture consignment store, a commercial piano studio, a ballroom dance studio, and a lacrosse gear rental business all while raising 4 children. Now she is applying her skills at SigPro, using her BYU Statistics degree to keep track of details and data. While in college, Gina treasured her time traveling around the world dancing with the BYU Ballroom Dance Company, and seeing and living among many people of different cultures. She loves teaching children dance, tutoring math, boating and serving her family. She is looking forward to learning new skills at SigPro and thinks it will be a fun adventure to do with her husband, Marty.

Greg Saunders – grew up in Canada where he played lacrosse and hockey in high school and college. Upon graduating from BYU, he and Karina raised 4 boys and introduced them to all kinds of sports. Greg has coached football, lacrosse, baseball, soccer and volleyball for over 40 years combined at the youth, high school and college level. He was named 2-time Alberta Football coach of the year and led W. R. Myers High School in Alberta to a #3 national ranking and undefeated season. Greg loves to read, cook, listen to music and build scale model ships and airplanes. Greg is tireless in his work and is the most kind, honest, genuine person you will ever meet. Come to the shop and Greg will greet you with a smile.

Karina Saunders – is an all around incredible athlete. In high school she was voted into the New Mexico High School Hall of Fame for basketball then continued her success as a 4-year starter on the BYU Women's Basketball Team. She loves to run, play pickleball, read, listen to music and hike. She has hiked nearly every tall peak in Utah, plus Mt. Whitney in CA (14,5000 ft). Karina is the mother of 4, grandmother of 4, and the glue of her family. Her eye for design and precision serves SigPro’s customers in the best possible way. With her desire to learn new things, she is becoming an expert in all the machines at SigPro.