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What We Do:

We help promote your organization. Whether it’s a local sports team, high school club/organization, construction company, or dance studio, we can get what you want! We take your logo and print, stitch, or heat transfer it to anything and everything. Shirts, pants, face masks, backpacks, jerseys, water bottles, blankets, luggage, pens… you name it, we’ve got it!

If you don’t have a digital logo, we can design or update it for you. No worries! Give us a try, see how we can help promote your organization.

How to Order:

Give us a call! It's as simple as that.

We have many choices of products to choose from in our warehouses (see "Apparel" to browse) and each project will be different. Different products, method of printing, amount of colors, and complexity of design all factor into the cost, so tell us your specific needs and we will give you different options.

Call today to consult with us about your project! 801-224-6602

How do I send my art?

1. Vector Graphics

The most important thing to know about printing is that all printing/embroidery/heat transfers are done with "Digital Vector Graphic Files". Vector Graphics are different than your normal picture. They are graphics made of shapes rather than pixels which allows them to not lose their quality when increased in size. Examples of these files would be .ai, .svg, or .eps. A submitted art file needs to be a Vector Graphic (NOT .jpg or .png) and sent to us here in the shop. Designs created on "free online design websites" (such as Canva) may be hard to print clearly because of their pixels.

For assistance creating a Vector Graphic, give us a call, we can help with that too!

2. Email Your Design

Once you have called, received a price estimate, and completed your vector graphic, you can simply email us the design file! Be sure to include the company/buyers name, the project info, the type of service that is requested, and any other info that would help us to achieve the vision for your project.

Send all art emails to: